While examining the past, history students learn to articulate different points of view, analyze evidence and ideas, and enhance both oral and written communication skills.

Wittenberg's history program is distinguished by its global orientation, 课程种类繁多, opportunities for learning outside the classroom, and 关闭 interaction between students and a dedicated faculty of teacher-scholars.

The department of history actively utilizes discussion groups, 座谈会, 研讨会, 实习, local history and study abroad to develop oral and written communication skills, 研究能力, and critical and analytical aptitude.

旅行, research and 实习 are just some of the opportunities for history majors to extend their 教育 beyond classroom walls. An internship allows you to explore the practical application of history and "public history" in a variety of museums, 企业和办公室.

在过去的五年里, professors have taken students to France, 莱索托和埃及, as well as local sites of interest in Springfield and Ohio. Students also take advantage of local resources to complete unique research projects. 历史 majors have participated in the archaeological excavation of a 19th-century house on campus that once housed the university's first sorority.

A history major or minor is the springboard for any number of careers and professional opportunities, 包括在商业领域, 教育, 编辑, and in both the public and private sectors.

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